Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League

Our City

The Yorkton Terriers wish to express their gratitude to the City of Yorkton for the donation of cultivated agriculture lands. Funds generated from harvesting these lands support the organizations operations and are much appreciated.


You'll find our growing city of 20,000 in east-central Saskatchewan. Yorkton is the retail and service centre for more than 200,000 residents of the eastern part of our province, and western Manitoba.

Getting to Yorkton is never a problem, not with three major highways crossing in the city. The TransCanada Yellowhead (Highway 16) spans four provinces, three time zones, and more than 3,000 kilometres of western Canadian scenery and sights, earning it a reputation as one of the world's great drives.

The Saskota Flyway (Highway 9) is known as the International Road to Adventure, because it takes you from Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan, all the way south to Bismarck, North Dakota and beyond, along the way passing through northern forest,

prairie parkland, vast stretches of wheat-production, not to mention parks and coal mining country. Highway 10 is the main road to Regina, Saskatchewan's capital city. It also leads through historic Fort Qu'Appelle and the scenic Qu'Appelle Valley.

Yorkton, a city of nearly 20,000, serves as the main shopping and service centre for much of east-central Saskatchewan and western Manitoba. Yorkton's trading area extends several hundred kilometres in all directions, encompassing a population of about 200,000.

As the main trading and service centre for the area, Yorkton has attracted most major retailers, restaurants, farm implement dealers, and car dealers, as well as a vast number of locally-owned businesses catering to the requirements of a rural and farm population.

Farms in the region are somewhat smaller and much more diversified than in other areas of the province, providing for a more prosperous and more stable farm economy.