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Yorkton Terrier Junior Hockey Booster Club Inc. Board Candidate Responsibilities

The Yorkton Terriers have a storied history spanning over 45 years.  Among a number of SJHL League Titles they were the Royal Bank Cup National Champions in 2014.  The community owned organization is governed by an elected board of directors who work tirelessly to achieve the Mission of the club.

The Yorkton Terrier Junior Hockey Booster Club Inc. exists to foster positive opportunities for players from Saskatchewan and beyond through the provision of a quality on-ice and off-ice product that emphasizes good sportsmanship and good citizenship by providing a quality hockey team bringing credit to the organization and the City of Yorkton.

Directors are elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) for a two (2) year term.  Directors completing the term of a vacated position may be elected for shorter periods.

Directors must be members in good standing of the Yorkton Terrier Junior Hockey Booster Club Inc.

Director Responsibilities:

  1. Manage the affairs of the Yorkton Terrier Junior Hockey Booster Club Inc.
  2. Set the direction of the Yorkton Terrier Junior Hockey Booster Club Inc. through the development of a long-range plan, which sets forth the purpose/mission, goals and objectives.
  3. Formulate and establish policies that enable implementation of the long-range plan and provide direction for the management of day-to-day operations.
  4. Participate in on-going evaluation of polices to best meet demonstrated needs.
  5. Approve an annual budget as developed and submitted by the Finance and Budget Committee.
  6. Maintain continuity in the organization through the development of proper structures with appropriate lines of responsibility, authority and accountability.
  7. Establish terms of reference for required committees, provide resources for committee functions and establish committee reporting procedures.

8.   Promote good public relations for the Yorkton Terrier Junior Hockey Booster Club Inc.

Attend all meetings of the Board.  Directors who miss more than three (3) consecutive meetings without obtaining a leave of absence will be contacted by the President and asked for their resignation.


The Yorkton Terrier Booster Club Inc. operates with the utmost transparency.  As part of that transparency the Club has agreed that every active Board Member adhere to the following:

  1. Purchase a season ticket or receive one through financial sponsorship.
  2. Attendance at any of the following events will require Board Members to purchase a ticket:
  • Parent/Billet Parent Recognition Evening
  • Sport Celebrity Dinner
  • Volunteer Appreciation Dinner
  • Year End/Awards Banquet
  1. Board members are encouraged to support other Terrier fundraising events such as the annual lottery but are not obligated.
  2. Board members may purchase regular game day 50/50 tickets but be aware of the potential to be accused of a conflict of interest if a board member wins.
  3. Board members are volunteers and do not receive any compensation or remuneration from the hockey club.