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50/50 Winners

2016-2017 Winners

September 16th: Kyle Lukey $905.00

September 20th: Judy Karcha/ Lauren Semastchuk $418.00

October 1st:  Merv Adam $603

October 8th:  Tony Zahaik and Henry Shumay $1,390

October 11th:  Jim Eftoda $510

October 14th:  Jamie Mohr $563

October 21st:  Ron Cox and Darryl Flunder $865

November 12th:  Rick Guy $775

November 13th:  Curtis Malysh $575

November 25th:  Gary Lamb $1,665

November 29th:  Teresa Hartman $560

December 2nd:  Bill Larkins $910

December 11th:  Judy Hughes $360

December 14th:  Allison Brady $510

December 17th: Kelly Masley  $720

December 30th:  Donna Hudson  $1570

January 7th:  Ed Witherspoon  $588

January 20th:  Stan Williams  $1373

January 21st:  Leslie Murray  $1045

January 28th:  Jason Gabert  $755

January 31st:  Wes Plaosz  $593

February 4th: Debbie Blommaert $1425

February 11th: Benny Walchuk $1605

February 14th: Rick Bugoy  $818

February 17th: Justin Burton $1223

February 28th: John Anderson $810

March 3rd: Joe Cote, Cody Goodwin and Adam Peepeetch Grendel $5785

March 18th: Nick Smut, $1648

March 22nd: Pat Hansen + Gladys Krepakevich $1577